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Press release of «Ryan M8» project

Press release of «Ryan M8» project

Опубликовано 19.08.2012

Dmitry Nesonov and Frederick Newton (producers of the TEMA project) present Ryan M8 (pronounced Ryan Mate*)
The project is an international collaboration fusing dance and pop music which is pleasing to the ears and the mind.

Ryan M8 is the brainchild of Dmitry Nesonov and Frederick Newton. The project was born in 2012 and fuses dance and pop music with deep and meaningful lyrics. "Re-email" marks the first official launch of the project with many promising things to come. The two tracks on the debut buzz-single "Re-email" are at two ends of the pop spectrum sonically but mesh together lyrically. Sasha Anohina (formerly of the TEMA project) sings backup for both of the tracks, and has been a long time collaborator with Dmitry Nesonov. CPG TEMA projects have been heard on some of the biggest stations in Russia and have been seen on TV channels like MTV, MUZ-TV and MUSICBOX. Ryan M8 has a bright future ahead busting out into the pop music stratosphere. 

At first glance, it might seem laughable to have a song about email, as the modern way of communicating is usually through text. The song "Re-email" is far more conceptual than it is realistic and conveys a story of heartache and hope which is driven by a pulsating dance beat which will infect your ears and mind. "Dreamer" deals with that spark within us all. It's up to each of us to turn that spark into a flame, and that flame into a fire. How many people have tried to get you down and say you can't do something? The story unfolds over a lush display of electronic surprises and changes. In essence, both of these songs are about heartache and hope. This is why they were selected to appear side by side on the debut buzz-single. 

Music: Dmitry Nesonov
Lyrics: Frederick Newton

Music: Dmitry Nesonov
Lyrics: Frederick Newton

Both songs were recorded at the SUPERTEMA.RU Studios in 2012 by Ryan M8 and Sasha Anohina.

Information about the project can be found on all official outlets, such as